The Payment Solutions Consultancy

Our focus is on the Acquirer and their partner

Company Overview

Specialist Consultants in efficient and profitable card acceptance

Card acceptance is complex and a competitive business.  In many markets, there are too many acceptors competing for the same merchant MSV, sometimes being delivered with little regard for the increased exposure which comes with such a strategy.  Limited proposition differentiation can mean that price becomes the defining variable when chasing business leading to margin erosion at best and running negative contributing business at worst.  Combined with increased regulation and licensing requirements in many jurisdictions along with the proliferation of card type, for which acceptance solutions need to be developed and managed, means the cost base is also under pressure.

We also believe that deep subject matter expertise is at a premium.

Our focus is on helping Acquirers and Payfacs maximise profitability by:

► Helping the understand of interchange and scheme fees costs (typically the largest two pay aways of any acquirer)

► Understanding ‘Other Income’ performance and how it can be enhanced

► Building out new Income from Value Added Services and finding potential products and suppliers where value is generated

► Understanding how your Risk Management policy is impacting profitability along with the real exposure being run.  We also undertake risk management policy reviews

► Ensuring Business Continuity Planning within the context of Operational and Enterprise Risk is understood

► MI Suite Policy Review & Development

► Understand Sales and Seller performance

► Undertaking Industry Training